Resources for The Diver & Collector

From Scuba to Submersibles. . .

Vintage Scuba Supply Vintage Double Hose

Scuba Shoppe Huytco

Historical Diving Societies Worldwide

Frogman Museum

Eric Souverville's Vintage Regulator Collection

Vintage Double Hose Collector France

In Germany: Frank Werthwein's Scuba Collector Site

Diving Machines (Canada)

Photography of David Haas

Stan Waterman

Diving Helmets:

Helmets of the Deep: Leon Lyons

Diving Heritage

The Cousteau Legacy:

The Cousteau Society (Francine Cousteau & Pierre Yves Cousteau)

Cousteau Divers (Pierre Yves Cousteau)

Earth Echo (Philippe & Alexandra Cousteau)

The Ocean Futures Society (Jean-Michel Cousteau)

Plant A Fish (Fabien Cousteau)


Resources For Kids of All Ages:

Lauren a 4th grade student from Indiana suggested the following link and we agree it is a great resource:

Ocean Links for Kids

Cousteau Kids

More to come. . .


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