The Calypso: Past, Present & Future

The decommissioned mine sweeper, originally designated HMS J-826, worked as a ferry off Malta after 1947 where it was renamed Calypso. Cousteau would take control of Calypso in 1950 thanks to a generous proposition by Loel Guinness. Guinness leased the ship to Cousteau for one Franc a year. Cousteau made many modifications to the ship over the years adding among other things an underwater observation bubble and a helicopter landing pad. The Calypso was in service under the watch of Jacques Cousteau until it was struck by a barge and sunk in 1996. After being raised the Calypso returned to France. By the end of 1997 Cousteau was dead and the fate of Calypso would be unknown until October 2007. On October 10th the Calypso began its journey to a ship yard in Concarneau. Once in dry dock the ship will be evaluated and the cost of the restoration will be established. If all goes as planned, the ship will be fully restored and preserved as a museum.


Here is a two part documentary on the restroation project produced by the Cousteau Society

Here are several reports from France:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

We will continue to offer the latest information on this project so check back for updates. Last update: 2/24/09


The Launching of Mine Sweeper HMS J-826

March 21 1942 Ballard, WA

Cousteau's Calypso

The Calypso as it appeared in the Silent World: Click for larger image

Concept Art for Calypso as proposed for the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau Series

Calypso 70s -90's

Calypso Blue Print: Click for larger image

Calypso after the collision with a barge in Singapore 1996

Calypso in La Rochelle, France 2007

Preparations for relocation from La Rochelle to Concarneau October 2007

Calypso Concarneau November 2007


The Wind Ship Alcyone,The Three Ships & Calypso II

At the time of Cousteau's death he was working to secure funding for Calypso II. As of 2007 the Calypso has not been built.

A short film about Calypso II

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